Your breasts may reach a point where they appear deflated or sagging. Numerous women want to correct this issue and they do it through breast lift. This provides a more youthful and attractive appearance. The treatment is also known as Mastopexy.

Dr. Malek uses an array of innovative techniques along with his artistic instincts to create the most perfect results for patients. He has helped a number of patients enjoy a more attractive and sculpted body. The procedure can produce immediate results and takes only 2-3 hours.

While breast lift or mastopexy can help improve sagging breast tissue, it does not fully reverse the natural aging process. The best candidates are women who have experienced major changes in the shape of their breasts and are looking to achieve a more visually pleasing appearance. During the procedure, there are minimal incisions made around the areola and crease, these can be easily concealed.

Dr. Malek uses a personalized approach to his Scottsdale breast lift treatments. He targets the goals that his patients have and offers recommendations on the most appropriate procedures for their body type. You can contact our office today to schedule your consultation and learn whether a breast lift is right for you.

Breast Lift Scottsdale