Women may experience problems that accompany very large breasts. These can include oversized breasts, neck and back pain, posture problems, muscle strains, indentation, and irritation under the breast folds.

Additionally, women with large breasts may experience difficulties exercising, moving, or doing any physical activity. Dr. Malek performs a consultation to evaluate his patients’ needs and determine the correct treatment plan for their specific case.

The breast reduction procedure removes additional volumes of skin, fat, and glandular tissue to restore correct breast proportion and eliminate discomfort associated with large breasts. The surgery can improve the shape and appearance of your breasts to help increase your confidence.

Great breast reduction candidates are those who have realistic expectations, are physically healthy, have skin irritation, have been feeling uncomfortable, or have asymmetrical breasts. The initial consultation will review your reasons for choosing breast reduction and any medical conditions or previous treatments you may have had. Dr. Malek will discuss treatment options and listen to your case to determine the best treatment plan.

To schedule your consultation and determine whether you are a fit for breast reduction, please call our office today.

Breast Reduction Scottsdale